An Immigrant-Themed Thanksgiving

To celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving, some 150 Hispanics in Morristown, N.J. are getting together to cook. But instead of the traditional stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce, they are cooking up something much more interesting: an immigrant-themed full menu.

According to New York City’s El Diario La Prensa, this year’s delicious menu includes pasta “visa-da” de chorizo; “La Hazaña” [de cruzar la frontera], arroz mixto “fronterizo,” papás chorriados por la Migra and sangría de-portada. (Sorry, you gotta be positively bilingual to get the joke!)

So in the spirit of the holidays, I decided to join the residents of Morristown and share with them my own menu for Thursday night:

Para empezar: Muros con Cristianos

Main course: Tortas ahogadas en el Río Grande

De postre: Pay de Nuez … legal

¡Feliz ‘Sansgivin’!

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