How Do Pork Chops Exactly Offend Hispanics?

According to recent press reports, Philadelphia’s IronPigs’ baseball league has been forced to change the name of its mascot, PorkChop, simply because a group of Hispanics in the area claimed the moniker was offensive, outrageous, preposterous and ultimately unacceptable.

The team’s mascot is a large, furry pig, so I really thought PorkChop was an accurate (if not original) name. The creature is now called Ferrous. Whatever.

I still don’t quite understand how Pork Chop is offensive. To Muslims, maybe… but Hispanics?  Can somebody help?

6 thoughts on “How Do Pork Chops Exactly Offend Hispanics?

  1. Perhaps it’s reference to fat, or cebo. But, even then, it’s a stretch. Or, Philadelphia Hispanics know something we don’t. Or, it’s a ploy to change the name and blame it on somebody.

  2. This confuses me too. I am Mexican and I can’t fathom why someone would be offended by the name pork chop. As the saying goes, Sabra Dios (god only knows).

  3. A Puerto Rican friend once told me that “Pork Chop” is a derogatory name for Puerto Ricans. Why? I have no idea.

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