Wanted: 1,000 Suckers to Pay $2,500 for a Bottle of Tequila

And speaking of alcoholic beverages and gringos who love to exploit everything that remotely sounds Mexican or Latino, a Texas entrepreneur has launched Dos Lunas Grand Reserve, a 10-year-old tequila that sells for “only” $2,500 a bottle.

But don’t get too excited. According to Mexican news agency Notimex, El Paso-based Dos Lunas will produce only 1,000 bottles of the Grand Reserve special edition, which makes us figure there must be about 1,000 suckers in the Texas area who will actually pay for it.

Founder Richard C. Poe II, who is also a car dealer (mmmm), has said his goal was “to create the smoothest, most refined tequila in the world.” (And in rip off some 1,000 Texans in the process, may I add.)

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2 Responses to Wanted: 1,000 Suckers to Pay $2,500 for a Bottle of Tequila

  1. guvida says:

    Estoy de acuerdo que no sea del todo logico que el dueño ser un vendedor de autos, pero, ¿crees que un tequila no pueda llegar a costar eso?

  2. Adrian Perez says:

    Hmmm. Our addictions include the concept of “Perceived Value.”

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