Do you Want a Beer With your ‘Narcocorrido’?


We have narco-corridos so why not narcocerveza?

My people (and by this I mean, Mexican people) have launched a new brand of beer called Malverde, after the famous saint patron of, well, drug-dealers. Malverde was actually appropriated by drug dealers, but it’s kind of a Robin Hood-type of hero from the North of Mexico.

The beer, which will only be sold in Culiacán and Guadalajara (for now) is produced by a local company, Minerva, which by the way has also launched The Simpsons-themed Duff beer.

My mom is from Sinaloa, so I’ve asked her to go hunting for some Malverde beer so I can soon report back on its taste.

Stay tuned, and ¡salud!

Photo is property of Reforma newspaper

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2 Responses to Do you Want a Beer With your ‘Narcocorrido’?

  1. Adrian Perez says:

    Let me know when “El Michoacano” hits the market.

  2. Throw on your Narcocorrido Brand shirt, relax and crack open a cold Malverde Beer. Enjoy!

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