How to Throw the Perfect ‘Hispanic’ Wedding

It was only a matter of time before somebody came up with a Spanish-language magazine for the Latino bride. So meet Bodas USA la revista, a magazine, whose editors and writers are pitching as the ultimate source of information for Hispanic brides.

Helming the new glossy is former La Opinión editor Katia Ramirez-Blankley, who was at hand this week to present the mag to California’s advertising community:

“Our editorial team is made up of Latino professionals from across the country who are experts in wedding planning, cuisine, travel, relationships, nutrition, entertainment […] but most importantly our stories are not translations but rather written in Spanish with a cultural touch that only Latinos can relate to,” Ramirez-Blankley said.

I guess that only means Latinos can expect to see some of the following headlines in the new title:

I Sent Out 100 Invitations and 250 People Showed Up. Now What?

Where to Find a Saca-Borrachos for your Big Day (Find by Zip Code Now)

10 Subtle Ways to Tell your Tíos from Zacatecas They are NOT invited to your Wedding

Wedding in the ‘Burbs? Where to Shop for the Best Pancita for the Tornaboda

15 Honey Moon Paradise Spots for You … and Your Parientes from Michoacán

And I could go on, and on, and on… Can someone please give me a job there?

7 thoughts on “How to Throw the Perfect ‘Hispanic’ Wedding

  1. -How to keep your 13 primas/bridesmaids from ruining your big day…
    -Surefire ways to keep your nosy Suegra __________________fill in the blank___________!
    -Mix It Up: the perfect music for your perfect wedding, sure to get your tios throwing gritos in no time!

  2. First time reader, but I loved your blog… How about:

    – Why the tuxedo with “escarolas” was buried in the 70’s.
    – How to smugle some “cohetes” to get the party going.
    – Fun ways to mispell the names of the family…

  3. Thanks Laura for taking the time to write about Bodas USA La Revista, we are also making history by providing to brides to be “Podcast de Bodas USA La Revista” audios on “how-to” from A to Z for wedding planning with interviews with Latino experts from Coast to Coast available at

    By the way, I specially like the one about how to keep your bridemaids from ruining your Big Day.
    Lilian/Publisher of Bodas USA La Revista

  4. How about> How can the bride look sharp and fresh as a lettuce on her wedding day if her friends’ and brother’s all-night partying prevented her from sleeping????? PERDON!!!!!!!!

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