Help Make Chilangolandia a Monopoly Destination


Attention, Mexico City lovers!

The world’s most chaotic and lovable city is among a list of 68 world capitals that could make it to the upcoming world edition of Hasbro’s Monopoly game. Winning will be tough, as chilangolandia is up against major world capitals, including Sofia, Zagreb, Tallinn, Riga and Ljubljana (don’t ask!)

But hurry, you only have 37 days to vote and be eligible for a prize of… well, nothing. But how about the pride of having the D.F. included in the next Monopoly game? Priceless

3 thoughts on “Help Make Chilangolandia a Monopoly Destination

  1. It would be nice to have D.F. included in the next Monopoly game, but frankly, it would be quite an interesting challenge Some delegations are not even totally included on the map of the city, like delegation of Cuajimalpa. I want a hotel there.

    Pierre Lacour

  2. who is this pierre over me!! why is he so pissed with the map?? let the map be man!! haha yo pienso igual pierre no t preocupes.. saludos lau!!
    everybody please vote for mexico df!!

  3. honey, i can see that you haven’t ever been to Europe… these cities are filled with history, unlike american cities…


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