Lust in Translation… Literally!


If you are remotely familiar with the Spanish-language, you will certainly know that “Póntelo” (Put it on) is by no means a direct translation of “Get Some,” which is the new slogan of the city’s official condom (yep, we New Yorkers have an official condom!).

Asked by the New York Times about the discrepancy, a Health Department representative simply said: “We have to use the words in the way they’re used in the communities we’re trying to reach […] ‘Get some’ did not readily translate into an easy-to-remember Spanish idiom. “We have to use the vernacular of the people we’re trying to reach.”

C’mon! You can do better than that. Want an easy-to-remember idiom? Here it goes:


Feliz San Valentín! (what are you waiting for? Get Some)

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