Oh No! I am a Taco Salad Type of Chick

And speaking of non-Mexican Mexican food, restaurant chain Qdoba has partnered with Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (ha, ha, ha), to conduct a study aptly titled: “You Are What You Eat,” which concluded that preferences for Mexican foods such as tacos, burritos and quesadillas can indicate very specific and unique personality traits.


With Mexican food preferences, we were able to find a correlation between which food people most enjoyed and what that meant about their underlying personality, said Dr. Hirsch.

Gosh, am I a quesadilla-type of person? (someone who is dependable and a true friend; content being one of the crowd.) Or maybe I’m more like the chips & salsa type: aggressive, successful, achievement-orientated, and natural leaders. Am I leaning towards being a burrito?

So I went ahead and took the Qdoba Identity Test. Sadly, I have to report I am nothing but a Taco Salad-type of chick: “well-adjusted, empathic, understanding, and a perfect spouse, parent, and friend.”(Oh well, at least I am not a Nacho-type: “shy, quiet, reserved and introverted.”)

So what are you waiting for, you potential burritos? Go ahead and try the test yourselves. Heck! what else is there to over the weekend anyway?

4 thoughts on “Oh No! I am a Taco Salad Type of Chick

  1. That is so not fair! What about those of us who prefer tortas, flautas, gringas, pellizcadas, tostadas, huaraches, sopes, enchiladas, garnachas and pambazos? Dr. Hirsch should take his smell and his institute down to Mexico to get some refreshing ideas.

  2. I’m a freaking nacho type!!! Actually, it is not too far fetched as I really am not that interested in what others think of me… having said that, I much rather have a delicious gordita de chicharrón!!!!

  3. Taking the test. Wait: first question, I’m done: in Sevilla (Spain) we eat toasted bread with olive oil and serrano ham and tomato for breakfast. What is cereal? I think this is going to be a disaster…
    Ok, ducks. What the f+++??? D, I guess.
    Public underwear… DREAM. Didn’t see that one coming. Well… Can I check cereal here?
    Next: Why didn’t anyone give me the chance to click on “commie” when I hear the word “red”?
    Next: nop.
    Next: definitely paris hilton. whatever gets her crucified.
    Next: so long I can’t believe you actually have to read it. click the one closest to my beer.

    VOILA!!!! (se pronuncia bualá)

    I am a quesadilla personality. There. Somebody please bother to read the description, I’m going to go get another beer. Or two.

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