Move Over Coke Zero. Here Comes Pepsi Retro

Meet Pepsi Retro, Pepsi’s brand new calorie-free beverage elaborated with pure sugar cane and bottled in retro-looking cans and bottles. (Somehow it looks like something you could have found in your abuela’s kitchen cabinet.

pepsiretro.jpg But don’t get too excited. Pepsi Retro is available only in Mexico and proudly pitched by the local Pepsi franchise as “a Mexican-made product made specifically to give Mexicans the taste they were waiting for.”

What better companion to a good crispy tacostada from the local Taco Bell?


12 thoughts on “Move Over Coke Zero. Here Comes Pepsi Retro

  1. I love mexican coke in a glass bottle, and luckily I can find it here. I like it b/c it is made with cane sugar. I wish softdrink made with cane sugar was available in the states!

  2. Go to Dublin Texas, and you can buy Dr. Pepper with cane sugar.

    In fact, many stores outside of Dallas sell this “Dublin Dr. Pepper”

  3. Mexican Coke was already done with cane sugar due to an agreement Coke had made with the government who was interested in protecting or helping its sugar industry. The main aspect of this product is that it supposedly only uses natural products and no artificial colors (hence the lighter brown color)

  4. i just met with a pepsi exec this evening, and told me all about the pepsi retro stuff. sounds great! hopefully, we will be able to sell it in our dallas, tx shop, along with mexican coke and pepsi, both made with cane sugar. many of our clients come into our shop looking for cane sugar sodas, and we are happy to supply them. if anyone is looking for great sodas in glass bottles, look no further than The Soda Gallery. We ship anywhere in the USA.

  5. Its not bad…I was just in the local market here (Cancun, MX). I wasnt sure what it was on first glance – but curiosity got the better of me. Definitely tastes a bit “dietish”…in my opinion not as good as Zero. It’s extremely light in color. The other thing I noticed – the brown is actually manufactured with a brown tint which darkens it even more.

    Jonathan – are you guys in Oak Cliff? I remember going to a Soda place years ago and thinking it was a brilliant idea!

  6. Pepsi Retro tastes good, actually. I like it better than regular Pepsi. But I still prefer good ol’ Coke.

    The ‘retro’ taste they claim in their ads is fake, though: Pepsi wasn’t like that when I was a child, nor when my parents were young; it was pretty much the same as now.

    Then again, the curiosity alone has made many of us go out and get one. I’m sure it’s just a fad, but if I went to a Pepsi-only restaurant, it’d be nice to have one.

    In the UK they’re selling Pepsi Raw, which is pretty much the same idea. It might be a matter of months before they decide which name to sell it under in the States.

  7. i’m a fellow cane-sugar soda fan. on a recent trip to ensenada, i tried this, and really liked it. the caramel they use to make it brown gave it an interesting distinction. you can sometimes get mexican coke at costco. also, if you get mexican sodas (jarritos, topo chico) at most latino markets, like fiesta in dallas, or superior in LA.

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