Latinos Display Beautiful Bodies to be on ‘People’

Ever wondered what it takes to become instantly popular? Check out People en Español‘s latest marketing stunt: an online, user-generated content page on Yahoo Telemundo, calling on young Hispanics to become the 51st most-beautiful person in America.

A few days before entries closed Feb. 3, more than 5,000 photos had been posted, sparking more than 34,000 comments, often extremely personal and ranging from snarky to gushing, wrote Laurel Wentz in Advertising Age.

Among hundreds of entries is that of Fernando Gonzalez, a “provocatively posed shirtless man” who has garnered over 4,400 comments. According to Mr. Gonzalez, he should be chosen as one of People en Español‘s most beautiful people because he has a very big… heart. Yeah. Right.


Others, like Maribel Nuñez, resort to a sexy, casual pose, which includes holding a cucumber and resting it over her right shoulder. (????!!)


I’m still not sure if Mr. Gonzalez or Ms. Nuñez will make the cut (the winner will be chosen Feb. 28) but they surely have given me some clothing / posing ideas to consider, and hopefully get at least two or three comments from my loyal lazy writers readers.

One thought on “Latinos Display Beautiful Bodies to be on ‘People’

  1. Laurita, sorry for not posting a comment before!!
    I was waiting for the new “latina” jeans to post my polaroid and take my chances.

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