U.S. Dental Tourism is Boon to Mexican Border Towns

mr-tooth.jpgTrivia: would you risk your life wondering about a city ran by heavily armed drug lords to save $400 on dental work?
Sure! say an increasing number of Americans who, faced with a prohibitively dental care in their home country, are flocking to Mexican border cities to receive dental treatment.
“A dental crown in the U.S. costs upward of $600 per tooth, compared to $190 or less in Mexico, so U.S. tourists are shrugging off concerns about brutal drugs wars being waged in Mexico’s border cities in a bid to access some cheap dental treatment,” according to British Web site Dentistry.
My favorite part, though, is the fact that this gringo dental boom is bringing some unexpected new business in the area.
Rio Dental, a clinic based in Ciudad Juárez, even boasts on its –all English-language– Web site: “We can even pick you up from the airport in El Paso… We are conveniently located just minutes across the border from El Paso, Texas, in Juarez, Mexico. A dentist with affordable prices is closer than you think.”

7 thoughts on “U.S. Dental Tourism is Boon to Mexican Border Towns

  1. HEY!!! What city-ran-by-armed-druglords are you talking about???
    Regardless, it is true dental work is cheaper but it is of good quality, too. Besides, this is OLD news. It’s been a common practice for a long time.

  2. Risk their lives? LMAO American tourists don’t get killed in Mexico. Do you know what incredibly bad publicity that would be for Mexican tourism and the Mexican economy? If you’re an American tourist in Mexico, nobody is going to fuck with you, because if the police caught a man mugging an American, they would dig a hole and bury him there.(Then the cop would ask the American for a bribe, and it would be over with) lol
    By the way, many of those boarder towns are safer for white Americans than the streets of Washington DC, Detroit, Baltimore, or Atlanta!

  3. I’ve been to Los Algodones four times for dental work and wrote a 30-page journal of my first trip in 2006. I’ve had extractions, implants, crowns, and a root canal.

    If you’d like a copy of my journal, email me at my Yahoo account (SuzanneFromSeattle).

    — Suzanne From Seattle

  4. It is ironic the dental industry in the US and Canada is a cartel itself. I might be hesitant in getting a ride into Mexico but Rio has the treatment I seek. I have along list of horror stories of US and Canadian dentists. It really couldn’t get worse. BTW dental isn’t covered by medicare in Canada. For dental tourism avoid Canada Australia and the other industrialized Anglo countries.

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