Meet ‘La Prieta Faya’

In a recent interview with People magazine, retroacculturated Latina actress Eva Longoria recalled how, as the darkest of four sisters, she was constantly referred to as “La prieta faya” [sic], which then the magazine translates as “the ugly dark one.”

Either Mrs. Longoria’s family flunked Spanish in junior high (faya is not a real word; I want to believe she meant “fea”) or she actually said “fea” but People’s editors didn’t bother to have sister mag People en Español help with the spell check.

Either way, the whole thing looks very “faya” to me. And don’t get me started on the “dark ugly one” part. I will let that one for you to munch on.

Ay, ay, ay!

3 thoughts on “Meet ‘La Prieta Faya’

  1. She looks like a “shoe shine” person if you ask me (or Rush Limbaugh) Or shall I say: It is Villaraigosa who should be called El Prieto Fayo

  2. Probablemente es ‘La Prieta Feya’ con acento del norte de México o Tejano, como le gusten llamar! como Tortia,la sia etc.

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