This is NOT Your Regular Salchicha

I bet you didn’t know how to differentiate a regular sausage from one specifically made to prepare a hot dog.

Well, that is why Mexico’s Cremería y Salchichonería Cuadritos has come up with the one and only Salchicha hotdogkera, prepared and packed exclusively for your hot dog-preparation needs.

The hotdogkeras were last spotted in a Mexico City Wal-Mart, but we wonder if they will soon be welcome as members of the exclusive, Washington, DC-based National Hot Dog & Sausage Council of America

Photo: Begoña Lozano

2 thoughts on “This is NOT Your Regular Salchicha

  1. I think this sausage will be excellent for a Mexico’s favortite: Torta de Salchicha (Sausage Sandwich)…yummy!

  2. nMarketing: Don’t you understand??? It is NOT a salchicha “tortera” but a salchicha HOTDOGKERA!!

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