Campaigning 101: How to Lure Puerto Rican Voters

Dancing -albeit sans grace– and pretending to like Presidente beer. How else?

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6 Responses to Campaigning 101: How to Lure Puerto Rican Voters

  1. solentiname says:

    La pobre… pero es que el sabor es como el anuncio de Chivas Regal, o se tiene o no se tiene.

  2. nmarketing says:

    and dancing to a Enrique Iglesia’s tune….wow!

  3. Manny Suarez says:

    Pobrecita… le hace falta tanta gracia!

  4. sandra says:

    Repitamos la escena en la que le da el sorbito a la cerveza… esa cara de “que se me atraganta, que se me atraganta”…
    ¿Se han dado cuenta de la letra en ese momento de la inefable “canción” de Enrique Iglesias?

  5. HighJive says:

    I’d have to drink lots of that beer before I’d consider dancing with—or voting for—Mrs. Clinton.

  6. Diego O. says:

    Either Hillary’s Latino handlers brought her to the wrong joint or she was trying to woo Dominican voters, not the Boricua electorate. That’s a bottle of Presidente the now-not-to-be-our-next-President is drinking (sort of) from!

    Presidente as in Cerveza Presidente (© 2007 Cervecería Nacional Dominicana C. por A. Todos los derechos reservados. El consumo de alcohol perjudica la salud).

    Had Ms Clinton read Chapter 12 of my yet unwritten (but copyright-protected) Manual de Usos y Costumbres Hispanolatinos para el Demagogo Profesional she might have known that Miller and Bud are the beers of choice to harvest Puerto Rican votes in the tristate area and Chicago (as if she needed extra help in that department!) and Medalla when in La Isla del Encanto proper (as if she neeeded, etc.)

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