‘Marketing y Medios’ is Dead. Again

Continuing a tradition of dumping Hispanic media and marketing coverage down the toilet around Hispanic Heritage Month, Nielsen Media has decided to throw the towel on Marketing & Medios, the online/Special Report hybrid it created upon folding the magazine I founded in July 2004.

The company has not yet made any announcement (and I doubt it will) but its Web site remained suspiciously abandoned for a week or so now. Insiders tell me that the company has eliminated Della delafuente’s position, and that Hispanic media and marketing will be covered on a freelance basis. Whatever.

I am -of course- pissed saddened by all this. It is as if my child was taken hostage, tortured, mutilated, burn and finally thrown to the wolves instead of just killing it already and be done with. As my favorite comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, would say: “You should just do it like a Band-Aid. One motion! Right off!” The company was never committed to covering the Hispanic market with cojones as we naively tried to do. Anyhow, I just hope this time will be for real. Quite frankly I don’t think I have the guts to see this thing die ad Eternum.

Marketing y Medios Requiescat in pace.

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One Response to ‘Marketing y Medios’ is Dead. Again

  1. awwww….so THAT’s what’s happened. RIP M&M.

    You’re right, this has been excrutiating. How can the publishers not profit from this ONLINE format, though? That’s what I just don’t get.

    It was such a great magazine when it used to show up in my mailbox, regularly….then in my inbox, erratically. It helped me see the big national picture and elevated Hispanic segment marketing.

    I guess it reminded me that what I do is much bigger than me, or Conexión Marketing, and gave me a community to relate to. I’m going to wear black the rest of this week.

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