Cataluña Says: “Yes, he Can!”

presidente-obamaYou might not know this, but people from Cataluña have a peculiar fixation with defecating people. Thus, the popularity of the caganer, those little statues that have become a true  Christmas tradition, along with Tío de Nadal, whose droppings eventually turn into wonderful presents for children (do not ask!)

After a few days in Barcelona,  I have encountered dozens of these funky statues, but today I finally came across one that explained what President-elect Barack Obama really meant when he kept saying ¡sí, se puede!

(For the record: I just paid 14 euros for this.)

3 thoughts on “Cataluña Says: “Yes, he Can!”

  1. oye laura, pregunta, porque tienes un link al link de comedy central por curiosidad?

    tengo mucha curiosidad de saber que tal los ratings de los programas the colbert report y el daily show with john stewart entre los hispanos. a ver si le das una miradita.

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