Live ‘Reporting’ on a Real-Life Drama

dominiccidelrincon1Ok, Ok. A couple of Thousands of loyal readers of this blog have bombarded my email asking why on Earth I have not written anything about the whole Dominicci vs. Del Rincón saga. Well, I have, actually, written about this though in a more serious outlet, but I understand that’s not as fun as blogging.

I’m watching Del Rincón on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo as we speak, so there’s not much I can say now. All I could gather for the moment is the following: He did not beat his former wife, nor did he sleep with one of her bridesmaids on their wedding night (phew!) He seems to have a liking for drinking and the ladies, though, and he thinks María Celeste Arrarás drinks as much as he does. (However, judging from this picture, he seems to prefer water, while Dominicci is more a creamy capuccino-type of gal.)

Oh, and he weeps on camera. A lot. And he speaks about himself in third person (yeah, just like Marlon Brando.)

Stay tuned… More to come.

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