Here’s is Why I Can’t Find a Job in Manhattan


If you follow New York City media, I’m sure you are now familiar with the plight of Melody Morales, who  is suing Manhattans’ Hawaiian Tropic eatery for alleged discrimination. Their crime? Despite Morales’ “stunning figure” and her being really comfy wearing a bikini at work, she was refused a job for not “speaking white.”

“I don’t want to brag, but I look great in a bikini. I have great curves, tits, and just love to dress sexy,” the half Puerto Rican half Dominican told El Diario La Prensa. Alas, the hiring manager wanted none of that, saying her Latino accent would only ruin his business.

See? I always knew having an accent was going to hamper my chances of going to places in the U.S. And that is why I’m not rushing to send in my resume to Hawaiian Tropic (even if they are hiring… and they’re, like, a few blocks from home. Damn it!)

6 thoughts on “Here’s is Why I Can’t Find a Job in Manhattan

  1. That is a strange story. I’d assume the point of contention here is the issue of being underdressed for work – lack of professionalism and all that. After all, there is such a thing as proper attire for work. But to ‘not hire’ on the basis of accent is quite strange indeed.

  2. All jokes aside, if her claims are true, those MoFos are breaking the law.
    On the other hand… who the FFF wants to work in a “job” like that?

  3. Employment tips for Melody. (if she really wants this job.)
    1. Swap out the Puerto Rican banderas for the US flag. Her prospective racist employer would be blinded by all the stars.
    2. Get rid of the moustache. It’s not really a good accessory with the bikini.

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