What’s a Few Guns When You Can Make Some Extra ‘Dinerito’?

0916covdx1Undeterred by American TV anchors reporting on Armageddon south of the border -and despite what Anderson Cooper wants you to believe— U.S. manufacturers are flocking to Mexico in search of some extra dinerito. (Even when things are so messed up that BusinessWeek is using rifles to spell out the name of the country!)

According to the April 20th issue of BusinessWeek big business is standing its ground for one simple reason: 

“Manufacturers have good reason to hang tough. The 41% drop in the peso against the dollar since August has made Mexico an even cheaper place to manufacture: Factory workers in Juárez can be hired for $1.50 an hour.” 

$1.50 an hour!?? Good lord! That’s not even enough to get you a spicy Whopper across the border. Crap!

3 thoughts on “What’s a Few Guns When You Can Make Some Extra ‘Dinerito’?

  1. Being a public school teacher I found this whole sight very interesting and informative. This particular blog made me stop and think how embarrassingly ignorant the American public can be, not only in “foreign” affairs but in issues so close to home. The issues that we face, (i.e. illegal immigration, faultering economy, crime, etc…), can not be breached until honest attempts at improving the welfare of humans in their own homeland are accomplished by their own government.

  2. Yeah, but think of it this way: now the gringos north of the border will have so much dinero that they’ll be able to afford all the alligators they want to put into the Rio Grande!

  3. Actually, it seems like it would be less than 1.50 an hour. I dont know if there’s a law that regulates factories as opposed to the rest of the employers, but the minimum daily salary in the North is like 55 pesos (it’s been rising, so I may be off by a peso or two, but it’s somewhere around there). Even with the peso stabilized at about 12.5 to the dollar post-IMF credit line, that would mean about 4.50 a day, or about 50 cents an hour. Or am I missing something?

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