The New Whopper is a Sandwich Filled with Cajun Sauce, Frijoles and Plenty of Stereotypes


What happens when you merge a tall, good-looking Texan man with a stocky, chubby  guy wrapped in the Mexican flag and wearing a wrestling mask? 

Answer: you get a Burger King Texican Whopper, yet another “delicious” creation from the hamburger chain.

The print ad hails from Spain, and it pitches the new Texican Whopper, an impossible fusion of cajun sauce, cheddar cheese, meat taco and beans (!) The tagline, Unidos por el destino, means “Brought together by destiny.”

My sources tell me that Mexico’s ambassador to Spain, Jorge Zermeño, has already asked Burger King to take down the ad and apologize –apparently because it offends our already decimated flag, and not our cuisine.

But wait! there’s more: the Texican is also a hit in England and has its own TV spot:

13 thoughts on “The New Whopper is a Sandwich Filled with Cajun Sauce, Frijoles and Plenty of Stereotypes

  1. WAIT – is there a taco INSIDE the burger, as a layer????? or is it just what they assume is meat specially meade for tacos? either way… GUÁCALA!!!!

  2. Do you think that alligators will eat this? As I said, they don’t care too much for gringos; gringos gives them indigestion.

  3. A complaint based upon this is non sensical, mexicans have stereotypes for everything, we make jokes about Spaniards, jews, blacks, gringos, but it is absurd we cannot take one based on ourselves, grow up people!

  4. Oh, get over yourself. It’s damn funny. Politically over-correctness is just getting anal. And stupid.

    Plus, the fact of how famous El Santo is/was in Mexico, it’s not making a stereotype up. It exists. There are Mexican wrestlers, they wear masks and they’re funny. I say BK should do a commercial showing an anal-retentive Mexican diplomat.

  5. And please do not politicize this, OK? We are talking here about denigrating a country’s image through the caricaturisation of the country’s people.

    This is not about politics in Mexico or violence, we are talking about advertising. Every country has a different stereotypes, history and problems, from Iceland to New Zealand.

    If you want to show a caricature of a culture there are more clever ways to do it and no one would be offended.

  6. come on! i hadn’t seen the TV ad… it’s very funny!! granted, i would never eat that burger because it sounds plain disgusting BUT you gotta love El Cachito!!

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