Confucianism According to a Panamanian Beauty Queen

Miss Panama Bella 09 candidate gives us a lesson on Confucio, that extremely old Chinese-Japanese guy who invented Confusion.

This one is worst than Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007. By far.

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5 Responses to Confucianism According to a Panamanian Beauty Queen

  1. Rafa S. says:

    The contest says “Bella.” And Beautiful she is. Does she have to be smart too? Like Confucio, I am Confused now.

  2. jcesarmo says:

    I agree with Rafa…

    But, there is something called “cultura general”, isn’t it?

    Very, very disturbing, indeed…

  3. Aldo Quevedo says:

    Wow. Very clear and to the point.
    I think we keep getting amazed of the lack of preparation (education?) from beauty pageant contestants.
    The truly amazing thing is that there are not that many (or as often) messing up the answers to very basic knowledge questions.
    I guess you can’t have a complete package in this events.

  4. Favio U says:

    Esto no ayuda para acabar con el estereotipo de que las mujeres hermosas no son inteligentes.

  5. Bella says:

    I haz confusionzzzz

    Though it does not surprise me at all. Highly educated and intelligent women (not the same thing, mind you) DO NOT participate in meat-market contests.

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