Televisa Wants You to Know South Africans are a Bunch of Savages

Mexicans (and other Latin Americans for that matter) can be very touchy when they perceive they are being portrayed using stereotypes (hats, maracas, excessive soccer, mortal diseases… you name it). But -as my abuela used to say- we are often quick to find the faults in others, while being blind at our own faults (eso de la paja en el ojo ajeno, pues…)

In the following TV spot to promote the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, Mexican media giant Grupo Televisa gathers its blond, blue-eyed talent to sing to the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight while a bunch of natives (presumably South Africans?), giraffes, lions, zebras and other wild animals make a triumph entrance at the Televisa Deportes newsroom. Because, you know, Mexicans are fair skinned and work on desks with computers… not like those savages!

5 thoughts on “Televisa Wants You to Know South Africans are a Bunch of Savages

  1. I suppose you’re too young to know the song Wimoweh, (originally called Mbube, which is Zulu for “lion”) which was first performed in 1939. Here’s a well known version by The Kingston Trio from the early 1960s.

  2. Get over it. It’s a good commercial. Aside from the fact that 95% of mexicans don’t look like those reporters, it’s a nice theme into the world cup. I seriously doubt Africans will take offense.

    In any case, most media in Mexico displays people who are mostly white/blue eyes, etc. I’m sure you know that quite well.

  3. Presumo que hablas español de un modo u otro.

    Te dire que no me había dado cuenta de lo que mencionas.

    He leido tu blog y me parece que no logro encontrarle el sentido al humor que manejas en tu blog (que ahora es mi blog).

    Volviendo al punto del anuncio de Televisa, creo que tienes razón en ciertos puntos, lamentablemente no todos los mexicanos que ven ese anuncio saben la realidad de Sudafrica.

    Pero si te dire que se me hacen culeros tus comentarios.

    En fin todo son perspectivas y encontrar una como la tuya es bastante interesante.


  4. Yes! You are right we should always try to shy away from the stereotypical views of one another. South Africa is as modern as Mexico. Animals are in National Parks or Zoos, and Zulus no longer wear the loin cloths and prance around with spears and shields. And Zulus are but a portion of what forms the South African populace.

    As a South African my view of a Mexican is that of a Spanish Speaking Native American of a Somewhat Darker Hue who forever dreams of going over the border to the US. But I know that its not that way

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