Texan Educators Want Your Children to Learn all about ‘Brown’ People


And speaking of brown, uninsured people, Texan educators are said to be working on a new curriculum for social studies that is intended “to shape the future history and geography books” by featuring more and more “Hispanic figures.”

Under the outrageously silly sensational headline of School Books in Texas may get Browner, the San Antonio Express News informs us that a mostly Hispanic crowd of schoolers will soon be reading all about “brown people”, including Dolores Huerta, Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Sandra Cisneros, Henry B. Gonzalez and Irma Rangel, which I think it’s kind of odd since most of the other Hispanic figures I see every day on Hispanic television don’t look very brown to me.

But, hey! that’s just me.

[Ah… the evils of obssesing with people’s labels and colors…]


7 thoughts on “Texan Educators Want Your Children to Learn all about ‘Brown’ People

  1. You know I’m not particularly good at holding my tongue (or fingers) when it comes to these types of “issues” .. ha, ha, ha… thanks for your comment!

  2. I suppose these people in your photos are Hispanic (OK, sue me, I don’t watch telenovelas). But why not? After all, the Visigoths conquered Spain and brought light hair, skin and eyes to the peninsula.

    The color-focused Anglos don’t realize we Hispanics come in all colors.

  3. What you failed to mention is that many Latinos in Texas and around the country also refer to Latinos in general as “brown.” I remember when one of my college professors, a Mexican American from California, once said–in a class of mostly white students–that America is becoming browner because of the influx of Latin American immigrants. If many Latinos use the word “brown” to describe us, then why do we expect non-Latinos NOT to use that word to describe us?

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