And Now… Tortilla + Lime + Salt Chocolate


Marketing minds never stop working; so it is marketers we shall thank for the upcoming snack craze: Exotic chocolates (or shall I say “chockolates”?) featuring Ramen Noodle, French Toast and Tortilla lime+ salt flavors.

This super idea, someone tells me, comes from Komforte Chockolates, a company I know nothing about but to which I’d love to pitch the following flavors. How ’bout:

1. Chockolate pibil

2. Chockotinga

3. Chorilate

4. Mochapeño

5. Choco-chilaquiles

Will they make this blogger very happy and release some of these by September 16?

2 thoughts on “And Now… Tortilla + Lime + Salt Chocolate

  1. Tortillas and lime and salt. Silly name not withstanding (I have a certain animal distrust of businesses that think it’s cute to spell common words in cute ways), there is no way I’m not going to try those chocolates. And French Toast, actually, has been done already (Marie-Belle, butter cookies and chocolate; Theo, bread and chocolate), successfully both times, so why not again?

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’d like to send you the bars to try. We’ve worked very hard to bring something to market that has its own flavor and reason for being out there. To complete the story on the name we had to stray from common spelling to get trademarked (too descriptive otherwise). I don’t think we are even close to the level of product that Joe at Theo’s is producing but feel our partner Seattle Chocolates has done a nice job with the chocolate. I hope you take us up on trying these. Best regards, Peter.
    (I can be reached at sales@komfortechocolates)

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