Statue Honoring ‘Los Temerarios’ in New Jersey has Residents [and This Blogger] Very Upset


In the latest riff between a dwindling black community and a growing Mexican population in Passeic, New Jersey, a group of residents are fuming over the placing of a statue of Los Temerarios in some housing complex.

According to The Record of Bergen County:

“Some members of Passaic’s dwindling black population see the statue of Los Temerarios as a cultural affront to non-Mexicans.”

I don’t know about the black community in Passaic, but this blogger is a non, non-Mexican who thinks Los Temerarios are a cultural affront to culture. In Passeic or else.

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4 thoughts on “Statue Honoring ‘Los Temerarios’ in New Jersey has Residents [and This Blogger] Very Upset

  1. We have George Washington,Elvis Presley and several other statues in Mexico of american figures who never lived or traveled to this country,so why can’t you have one of ours???
    Racism that’s why you biggot!!

  2. just goes to show how afro-americans complain about being discriminated against and yet they are doing it themselves to other ethnicty’s. forshame 😦

  3. Hello there Mr. Blogger and people against the statute of the “Los Temerarios” in Passaic, NJ. I can’t believe how ignorant and uneducated sometimes people are. This Mexican band of musicians and composers (because they compose their own music/songs) are very likable in Mexico and Latin America. They are very fine and excellent musicians and singers. This is a group that represents for many the people that starts with nothing and based on hard work, dedication and talent, achieve what many of us cannot and will not ever. This group is an inspiration for many Mexicans and Hispanics. They are honest, hard working, friendly and have an abundance of humanity in them. We Mexicans/ hispanics in general are very proud of them. They also represent culture, and culture is something you cannot stop just by taking down a statute. I am from the same region that Los Temerarios are, and I am not ashamed to say it, because I had nothing, and now, I think, I am a sucessful person in the U.S. of A. through hard work, honesty and integrity. With or without the statute of the Los Temerarios in Passaic, NJ, the temerarios will continue on harvesting what many of you who complaint about the statue will never obtain. We are brave human beings that sometimes have to fight against adversity to achieve our goals and obtain success, not necessarily translated into money, but culturally and ethically through honest means/vias and will continue to do so. Remember that what you sow is what you harvest.

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