Attention Hispanic Shoppers: Buying Expensive, Useless Stuff Now Available in Spanish!


I don’t know you, but these days the only pleasure I find while flying around the U.S. consists of browsing the pages of SkyMall, the quarterly in-flight magazine where you can find everything, from a life-size zombie statue and Retro Ice treat makers to potty-training devices for dogs.

So I was crushed delighted to find out SkyMall is now available in Spanish. This way, Hispanics, too, will be able to enjoy the pleasures of spending the money they don’t have in stuff they don’t need, like the $25 Fernando the Chihuahua statue (above) which -SkyMall editors inform us- will be a hit on your dining room…. (and hopefully will go nicely with that decorative plate featuring the Kennedy’s.)

Ay Chihuahua!

One thought on “Attention Hispanic Shoppers: Buying Expensive, Useless Stuff Now Available in Spanish!

  1. Ay, yay yay! Sky Mall is a strange and magical place…something happens up there in the clouds where you’re anonymous in your little pod of humming air-conditioning, avoiding eye contact with the person whose elbow and thigh you’re nearly touching. Perhaps it’s oxygen-deprivation, but while in that altered air-line state, I ALWAYS find myself reaching for that rag, and actually considering, fleetingly, buying some of that stuff!

    Glad to hear there are no barriers to entry anymore!

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