Wondering What ‘Real Latinos’ are Watching on TV?

Forget George Lopez and his jokes about Mexican food and flatulence.

This, my friends, is what us, the not-yet-acculturated, Spanish-dominant, Univision junkies are actually watching every so often on Spanish-language television.

[Oh, and this is what I call late night entertainment!]

Hat tip: Ken W.

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4 Responses to Wondering What ‘Real Latinos’ are Watching on TV?

  1. I bet that girl looked much cuter in the dim lights of the club.

  2. Pablo says:

    Condescending post to say the least. I don’t watch Univision, but what do you want the people to watch? Charlie Rose? Please! Did you see what kind of shows the english language channels have at the same time?
    And what do you mean by: “…the not-yet-acculturated…”?

  3. Antonio says:

    Relax, Pablo.. I don’t think the posting is suggesting we watch Carlos Rosa (Charlie Rose)… quite the contrary, our TV rules! who else can get a dog to salsa like this?????? que siga la salsa!

  4. Cecilieaux says:

    It’s not condescension to raise the very valid point that there are aspects of Latin American culture that is embarrassing to anyone with any education. My great worry, whenever the remote lands on a Spanish TV station, is what idiotization is going on in the heads of poor immigrant children, let alone their much abused, overworked parents.

    Part of being Hispanic is owning up to the injustices and disparities, and speaking up in the face of the abuse of power (in this case Univision’s).

    Yes, the dog is funny and, yes, Jay Leno and reality television is no worse. But why should we aspire to the lowest common denominator for our people?

    Finally, “acculturation” is a perfectly acceptable anthropological term. Its use in reference to minorities in contact with a dominant group of a given society goes back at least to the 1940s.

    ¡He dicho!

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