Harlem Barber Shop Embraces Diversity

I first bumped into this sign on November 25th, walking around West Harlem, happy to see “my people” were finally taking over a mostly Dominican neighborhood…

But then, I walked by that place again only to find this: What on Earth happened?

I have no idea, but as a fellow blogger and friend suggested: The first one is there to work on straight-hair customers, while the second one will take care of your curls.

Ah… isn’t diversity just wonderful?

One thought on “Harlem Barber Shop Embraces Diversity

  1. jajajajajajaja… ahora si me hiciste reir mucho! pero ya te diste cuenta de la otra corrección que hicieron, la original? decía “estilista mexicanA” y ahora dice “mexicanO”… hmmmmm….

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