Hot, Passionate, Illegal… and Fully Literate?

Man, there was so much I didn’t know about Cristián de la Fuente, including the fact that he is prepping for the Dec. 29 release of Hot. Passionate. And Illegal (Penguin $24.99) a 304-page personal account of his experiences as a Latin person in the U.S.

According to Penguin:

“De la Fuente uses his personal and funny experiences as a Latino in Hollywood to dispel common myths and admit the sometimes embarrassing, yet endearing, truths about Latinos.”

Basically, what that means is: you will be paying $24.95 to learn about some “embarrassing, yet endearing, truths about Latinos,” something I’ve been doing for years (at absolutely no cost for you!)

So, if your financial situation is not looking very peachy, just stick to this blog, and uncover some embarrassing things about Latinos , including recent literate incursions here, here and here.

[See? I might not be very caliente or apasionada, but hey, at least I’m generous… And don’t get me started on the legal, illegal thing.]

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