Alcohol Good. Diets Bad. Spanish Advertising Rocks!

I always knew my Madre Patria one day would come to my rescue.

Spanish authorities are imposing an advertising ban on certain beauty products and services before 10 p.m., mostly because there a lot of people over there obsessed with losing weight at all cost, developing eating disorders and resorting to all types of methods of slimming, like not eating or vomiting.

According to Advertising Age:

Ads for diet products, some beauty treatments and plastic surgery are now officially considered more dangerous for young people than commercials for alcohol, which can be advertised from 9 p.m.

Let’s also not forget that it was also Spain which decided in 2007 that the mannequins in stores like Zara or Mango would not have proportions smaller than a U.S. size 6. And in 2006, Madrid was the first city to ban ultra-thin models from its fashion week runways.

So, thanks Spain! I’m going to forget all about the nip and the tuck and just focus on the  sip, sip, sip!

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6 Responses to Alcohol Good. Diets Bad. Spanish Advertising Rocks!

  1. sandra says:

    ya sabía yo que mi, ejem, tolerancia a la cerveza tenía que tener un gustillo institucional… ¡qué alegría tener la conciencia tranquila!
    y, españa, gracias por dejarme con buen sabor de boca. a tu salud la que tengo ahora en las manos, fresquita, fresquita

  2. Jose Huitron says:

    Yo pense que la gente en Spain are much more chill and relaxed then us full speed ahead Americanos…

    Thanks for the delightfully thought provoking and entertaining post.

  3. sandra says:

    José, I think you got it wrong… We are much more chilled and relaxed THAN many americanos, in general, and that is why we actually enjoy life, in general, much more (mind you, alcohol helps a lot)

  4. Carla Raygoza says:

    All my life I’ve known I’m wise beyond comprehension… this proves it… SALUD!!!!!!

  5. Marcelo Salup says:

    I am so stocking up on “Oreos Double Stuff” and then moving to Madrid!

  6. Ah, This is perfect! Clarifies
    a few contradictions I’ve seen

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