Mexico Is so Independent, Even Its Coke Bottles Feature Native-Looking Women and Colorful Stuff

Oh dear. I wish I could say this is just a bad Internet joke but, well, it isn’t.

Starting this weekend, you will start to see a lot of marketing crap stuff around Mexico’s Independence Bicentennial, including the Coca-Cola Special Bicentennial Edition, consisting of 31 collectible bottles representing each one of Mexico’s 31 states. Because, how else to celebrate our country’s independence than with a good, refreshing ol’ coca?

Como dijo Don Porfirio: Poor Mexico… So far from God, and so close to the United States!

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5 Responses to Mexico Is so Independent, Even Its Coke Bottles Feature Native-Looking Women and Colorful Stuff

  1. garydenness says:

    They’ve been in the shops for quite a while…my collection is growing! But there’s a terrible error in your post! Only 31 bottles? What about my DF?!?! There’s 32 bottles 🙂

    (Unless I read the literature wrong, which does sometimes happen!)

  2. ok ok: 31 estados y un Distrito Federal.. That’s what happens after so many years in Geographically-challenged U.S.A. ja ja ja ja

  3. chicanofuturet says:

    Oh hell yeah!
    let’s celebrate the skyrocketing rate of diabetes and obesity in Mexico.
    According to international health organizations Mexico is the number one nation in the world in obesity and diabetes.Mexicans also have the dubious distinction of being per capita the biggest consumers of sugar laden soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
    damn,I’m thirsty!
    I need an ice cold Cherry Coke really bad!

  4. ladymorgue says:

    I here is from my family’s home-state of Veracruz!

  5. viva la sk says:

    I saw some of the vending machines in Puebla with this girl on them. It’s still so blatantly “American”.

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