National Latino Media Coalition Thinks ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Not Diverse. Thank God for Hispanic TV

This week the National Latino Media Coalition (NLMC) scolded the nation’s top broadcast networks for not embracing diversity (i.e. mostly for failing to employ more Latinos in front of and behind the camera.) In a press conference on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Alex Nogales, president & CEO of the NLMC said that:

“This was a terrible year for Latinos at the networks. African Americans and Asian Pacific Americans posted impressive gains in most categories, but when it came to Latinos, the networks failed us. Don’t misunderstand, we don’t want what African Americans and Asian Pacific Americans received, the pie is much larger than that, we only want what we deserve as the largest minority consumer population in the nation.”

Well said, Mr. Nogales! But I wouldn’t hold my breath too long if I were you… Last time I checked, even the main Hispanic networks insisted on drawing their top talent from some sort of Swedish incubator.

One thought on “National Latino Media Coalition Thinks ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Not Diverse. Thank God for Hispanic TV

  1. Laura says

    “Last time I checked, even the main Hispanic networks insisted on drawing their top talent from some sort of Swedish incubator.”

    Spanish language media is not optimally fulfilling an assumed duty of informing the Latino public to matters relating to politics/government,policies domestic and foreign.

    I believe it is naive to expect Spanish language media conglomerates such as Univision to prioritize a duty of serving the Latino population.This simply is out of touch with reality.

    In the real world the duty of corporate media is to make money..lots of much money as they can…
    Their duty in reality goes to the owners, the board of directors,shareholders to make profits.

    Univision,as well as all other major media outlets,English as well as Spanish,all operate on this basis.

    Ultimately,it’s the owners who shape the news editorially through issuing their directives and orders to their hired help to shape the news to fit what and how they think.

    Univision is on track to becoming the largest TV network in the USA
    assuming no mass deportations of millions of undocumented workers in the next decade).

    Do not expect MSM Spanish or English to be “fair and balanced” as they will like Fox or any of the other networks become vehicles for the ideological and political outlook and views of their owners.Racism,bigotry and xenophobia basically operate the same way whether en Ingles o Espanol.

    In the case of Univision-just one look at it’s ownership will tell you who really is running the show.
    Israeli-American multibillionaire media mogul Haim Saban,Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners Inc.,Texas Pacific Group, and Thomas H. Lee Partners LP. and most recently Televisa in partnership with NBC bought in with a 5% stake.

    This means 95% of Univision is owned,controlled and run by non-Latino corporations and holdings whose main objective is to make profits off the Spanish speaking peoples-not serving the needs of Latinos.

    I think what is extremely important and a could be an alternative course of action for Latinos is to eventually ween Latinos off of mainstream news and media.Hopefully,the younger generation(the sons,daughters,family etc etc who are more active in the internet)will inform family and friends of alternative points of views and news they are reading from Blogs such as LM and others and others as well,which often contradict and go up against the biased content the MSM is offering Latinos.

    IMHO,the closest Latinos will get to getting alternative points of views-news and information-will be from the Internet and in the case of Latinos specifically-the Latino Blogosphere.We urge Latinos get off the MSM addiction and onto the Internet and Blogosphere.

    Accuracy in media for Latinos will be NOT found in the MSM..but more likely on the Internet and specifically the Latino/Blogosphere..

    I can confidently predict,the stranglehold that the existing MSM,Spanish and English,has over Latino hearts and minds over time will weaken as the internet strengthens and evolves.

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