Mexico, Strong Contender in the Category of ‘Best Hat’: BBC

Pyongyang 2018: We’re off to a strong start, muchachos!

The winter Olympics are here y’all -and while you might think Mexico’s strongest suit is its Olympic ski team, we are also considered to be a strong contender in yet another category: BEST SOMBRERO… at least according to the prestigious BBC.

So yay and ¡ajúa!

Hat tip: London Sports Correspondent

I Would Like to Thank Mr. James May for Putting Speedy González on Twitter Map

I was just about to turn the page on the whole Top Gear brouhaha, when I bumped into James May on Twitter. Fake or real, he seems to be all upset and shit because Mexicans keep complaining.

I am not going to get into the whole “how-to-tell-the Brits-they-have-no-right-to-talk-about-shit-food” thing… Basically, I’d just like to encourage him (or whoever it is posing as him) to continue his Mexican-themed tweets. I can’t wait to see #speedygonzalez as trending topic.


Watch Some Brits Making Derogatory Comments about Mexicans [and Thinking They’re Funny]

Yeah, if Mexicans were to develop a sports car, we will call it a fried tortilla or something like that… But maybe we won’t because -according to these not-so-bright-nor-funny BBC commentators- all we Mexicans do is sleep, sleep and then sleep some more.

I hear the Mexican government is asking the BBC for an apology, which is OK, I guess.

As for me, I would go a little farther and ask them instead to learn to be genuinely funny, like some Brits can actually be.

Hat tip: Keith Dannemiller