Watch Some Brits Making Derogatory Comments about Mexicans [and Thinking They’re Funny]

Yeah, if Mexicans were to develop a sports car, we will call it a fried tortilla or something like that… But maybe we won’t because -according to these not-so-bright-nor-funny BBC commentators- all we Mexicans do is sleep, sleep and then sleep some more.

I hear the Mexican government is asking the BBC for an apology, which is OK, I guess.

As for me, I would go a little farther and ask them instead to learn to be genuinely funny, like some Brits can actually be.

Hat tip: Keith Dannemiller

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9 Responses to Watch Some Brits Making Derogatory Comments about Mexicans [and Thinking They’re Funny]

  1. Well there are some that would go beyond its freedom of speech. I think they should not make it out as a joke and think first if it will hit on someone. It was right of the mexican government to ask a public apology if they think they were humiliated publicly.
    Sherman Unkefer

  2. garydenness says:

    I thought that was hilarious! But then again, I’ve been watching Top Gear for decades, and understand the humour.It isn’t meant to be taken seriously. They work with stereotypes relentlessly, and take the pee out of themselves and the Brits plenty too. You also have to bear in mind how little Brits know about Mexico beyond two World Cup tournaments, tequila and the sombrero. Which is perfectly understandable…Mexico and the UK don’t really have an awful lot in common.

    So I am going to have to disagree with you. There is a big difference between being genuinely derogatory and poking a little harmless fun. But without the full context (the nature of the show, who it is made for etc) I can see that some people might be a little sensitive.

    Incidentally, whilst it’s made for the UK, it is one of the most popular shows in the world. I believe at one stage it was the second most watched non news show on the planet – so they must be doing something right.

    (Oh, and the complaint will go nowhere! They never do…)

  3. you have these comedians that speak about the mexicans but they work hard more than what some people in general,why do you harp on mexicans,you are a rascist and you have no ideal how you make people in general feel,maybe you need to look at yourself,and practice what you preach before you condemn others.

  4. Joe Ray says:

    A friend of mine suggested a group of Mexican men head across the ocean to their turf, armed with machetes, tequila and cumbia mixes. We will then proceed to take their women since they women will then see how much fun real men can be. Besides Mick Jagger (who’s in his 60s), how many of these guys even dance? Some margaritas (I’m sure we have to bring our own limes), cumbias, some Rock en Español and one big invasion style pachanga!

    The Brit guys can all stand around listening to each other with their arms crossed.

  5. Jack Asses says:

    You would think that Brits are always seen as gentleman…..well now we know its not true….these gentlemen are a a bunch of racist and trashy bunch….don’t people get educated over their…after all they see themselves as an industrialized country….they should take classes in multiculturalism…..and world economy….this will help them understand why the world is the way it is….I am only talking about the three fat clowns not the entire British people…..of whom I respect as a nation……

  6. jose says:

    Incredible! I think humor should be kept sacred free! Now the mexican government is ridiculous asking apologies!! They then should start apologizing for the million pieces of humor derogatory of gachupines and gringos that have been running in the media, and every outlet when two or more people meet. As a mexican I don’t feel the need of apologies from the BBC, on the contrary, humor is fine although sometimes it bites! Free humor all the way.

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