This Argentinian ‘Chef’ Will Teach you How NOT to Make Tacos

botanaArgentinian “chef” Maru Botana this week came under fire by my people (i.e. The Mexicans) after she attempted to do something Argentinians should never, ever, do: prepare Mexican food.

“Botana,” which is Spanish for “snack” and thus very likely not her real name, took to national television in Argentina to demonstrate how to prepare “real Mexican tacos,” which was nothing but a bizarre concoction of eggplant, green peas, chicken, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled eggs wrapped up in something she thinks is a home-made tortilla.

The offending recipe reaches its peak when Ms. Botana decides to place the tortilla maker actually on the burner, quickly transitioning her endeavor from a cooking parody to just plain disaster.


Below is a small taste of the debacle. For the complete mess tutorial of how NOT to make tacos, go here:

6 thoughts on “This Argentinian ‘Chef’ Will Teach you How NOT to Make Tacos

  1. Oh dear. Here in Ensenada we watched and actually cheered when, several minutes in, an avocado made its appearance, marking the first ingredient that might conceivably be included in an actual Mexican taco. I don’t even have the strength to talk about what happened with the tortillas.

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