Frito Lay Thinks Pico de Gallo Flavored Chips are a Good Idea


I kind of like it when gringos go out of their way and tweak their menus and snacks to cater to “a more diverse America.”

Thanks to their relentless search for multicultural tasty perfection, we now have the Dunkin Donuts’ culturally-relevant Cuban sandwich, 7-Eleven’s Latin-inspired food and the millennial-targeted Doritos Dinamita to name only a few.

And now a new contender has arrived: Frito Lay’s Pico de Gallo flavored chips, which I’m sure will help the m lure the taste buds of my people (i.e. The Mexicans).

But if you are in the restaurant business, don’t think these papitas will help you lure more Hispanics to your establishment… This will, though. Enjoy the windfall.

Thank you @minsd for the tip.

One thought on “Frito Lay Thinks Pico de Gallo Flavored Chips are a Good Idea

  1. Since they’ve already completely removed all authenticity, healthiness and spirit from American food, the industrial food complex is bulldozing the rest of the world.

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