7-Eleven Beefs Up its ‘Latin-Inspired’ Food Offering. [Sort of]


It was just a matter of time.

These days, where everything is Latino this and Hispanic that, you cannot just sleep in your laurels and do nada. That is why 7-Eleven, a company which is as American as apple-pie and bad coffee, is all excited beefing up its “Latin-themed” snacks.

Sí señor. As early as this week, 7-Eleven Inc. introduced the Breakfast Empanada Bites a “Latin-inspired hot foods snack,” which I’m sure are almost as delicious as the 7-Eleven Mini Tacos introduced last year. Per a company press release:

As the fastest-growing U.S. demographic, Hispanics are an important core customer group for 7-Eleven; however, it was the popularity of Latin American foods among all demographic groups spurring the addition of a snack-size breakfast empanada.

But don’t be fooled by their size. These tiny, crescent-shaped pastries are filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, smoked ham and sausage, which I’m sure will go down nicely with a 24 oz. Diet Pepsi.

Oh, and for the underemployed, underpaid Latino in you, they are only $1 for three at at participating 7-Eleven® stores.

2 thoughts on “7-Eleven Beefs Up its ‘Latin-Inspired’ Food Offering. [Sort of]

  1. Still waiting for my chimichurri-flavored vegan hotdog. Yes, Argentine vegans need their culturally-relevant food too.

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