This Ad for Little Caesars Pizza is Sure to Piss Off More than One Ethnic Group


Only God knows how many ethnic groups and/or musicians are going to feel offended by this TV commercial for Little Caesar’s Deep Dish Combo.

Personally, I’m more offended by bad food and sugary sodas. But, heck, these guys make me wanna get up and dance!

Hat tip: @LParavano

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29 Responses to This Ad for Little Caesars Pizza is Sure to Piss Off More than One Ethnic Group

  1. CxYoMa says:

    Love the ruffles. No, no los fritos, Los volantes.

  2. Trish says:

    why is this commercial advertising PIZZA with a bunch of Mexicans?
    I am 100% Italian & this WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. curbstompallmexicans says:

    little Caesars is just trying to push More illegal Mexican propaganda on its customers. We do not want them in our country our neighborhoods our schools and now you put them in our ad’s. All Illegal Mexicans need rounded up and put into Fema camps until they starve like the filth they all are. all their woman need sterilized so they don’t breed anymore roaches

    • john says:

      I agree….so messed up

      • SALSAAAA says:

        You both need to be sterilized. We’re Mexicans and we’re here to stay. Like it or not. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Put some salsa on that thought.

    • Obviously you don’t know what a Mexican is. I think with your hateful, barely understandable spew, you should go back to elementary school where they teach you the difference between ‘there, their and they’re’ and that ‘woman’ stands for one female and ‘women’ for several females. If you can’t speak intelligently nor write it, no one is going to listen to your hate rhetoric.

      • 'Merican says:

        No, no let them spew illiterate misspelled backwards garbage. It does a lot for the promotion of the Mexican cause – that is to overtake and invade all of the United States, use up the resources, rape their women and steal all their jobs. It’s the uneducated fearful Americans that will pave our way and make it easier for smart and crafty Mexicans to pillage and exploit the U.S. No intelligent American citizen will want to identify with such idiots who cannot even spell basic English words or use proper grammar; divided they fall, united we conquer. Si se puede!

  4. john says:

    This is absolutely disgusting, little ceasers should be ashamed of themselves. Why dont Mexicans stay in Mexico and make their country better , instead they sneak into our and change our culture.

    • Dear john:
      Which ‘culture’ exactly are you speaking of? The one that has been forged here in the US over centuries, and is comprised of elements of every ethnic group that has immigrated to this land and the indigenous peoples who were here first? The one that is an amalgamation of so many different peoples who respected each other enough to see the value in their countries and what each one brought to the larger culture that is the US of A? Do you actually have any idea of how these ‘culture’ things work? Do you have any idea of your own history to begin with? Shame on you.

    • John and friends, perhaps you should consider moving to a different country ’cause we are taking over

  5. Carla says:

    To John & the other what’s-his-face:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… your ignorance and bigotry are truly amusing. Do us all a favor and NEVER become educated, good people. We need you to keep us laughing.

  6. Wait. Am I the only one NOT seeing “Mexicans” in this commercial?? LOL

  7. Carla says:

    To John & what’s-his-face:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I am truly amused by your ignorance and bigotry. Please, NEVER become educated, good people. We need you to make us laugh. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Kisses from Mexico!!!

  8. Anna says:

    Stop the hate people. It really makes you look dumb.

  9. xWORDx says:

    italians are no diffrent than mexicans your dark and smell like arm pits and this competial proves just that.

  10. xWORDx says:

    altho at least mexicans aren’t as racist rude and ignorant as the italians, are the niggers of europe this comment is coming from a 100% italian ( so yes i hate myself and i’m ashamed of what i am.

  11. xWORDx says:

    This commercial just proves my point for me. i love it

  12. xWORDx says:


  13. Sam says:

    Wow, I went online too see who else was annoyed by the commercial. The song drives me nuts, never entered my mind that bigots would be whining about the peoples ethnicity! It’s an awful song that gets stuck in my head. Who cares what ethnicity anyone is, I never even noticed that. We live in America you racists.

  14. The people in this commercial are all mixed races. The music itself and outfits are meant to represent Cuban Mambo music. In Spanish – Combo can mean a group of singers – so this is a play on that. This commercial is meant to represent a Cuban Mambo Combo. Although the actors/singers can be different types of hispanics (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Mexican). As far as the darker looking fellow – there are Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans that are that dark. I find this commercial fun and engaging. The comments are disappointing and racist which do nothing but further separate humans. Shame on those who use this to spew racist comments.

    • wouldathought says:

      Thank You. The only person to actually explain the reasoning behind the commercial because of your prior knowledge rather than ignorance and racism running your thoughts.

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