I Missed National Tortilla Chip Day. I’m Now Officially Ashamed of Myself

I guess I’ve been in this country far too long… So long, that I spent the whole day yesterday (Feb. 24) worrying about the whole re-design of the hot-dog thing, and failed to acknowledge it was National Tortilla Chip Day.

This holiday, so they tell me, is honored by millions of Mexicans -and Mexican food-lovers- nationwide, and calls for a day-long visit to your favorite Mexican eatery looking for the best dips and salsas around.

Alas, I totally missed it.

I just hope my dozens thousands of readers will forgive this blogger for the oversight. I can only promise to pay better attention in the future to such matters concerning my heritage.

[In the meantime, I’m off to my weekly meeting to discuss the upcoming -and inevitable- re-design of the torta de tamal.]

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