Macy’s Spring Collection: You, Too, Can Look like a Short, Dark-Skinned Mariachi

Macys It’s always good to see marketers learn from their past mistakes. Remember the Brown is the New White t-shirt from Macy’s?

Well, no more of that. Instead of launching ethnically-relevant products to please Latino shoppers, Macy’s seems to have changed course and it’s now using tall, unmistakably non-Hispanic blonds to pitch a … are you ready?… “mariachi-style” suit. According to Macy’s own blog, the new collection doesn’t stop there. It promises tons of other Mexican-themed things, including –what else?– plenty of sombreros.

Do I smell sombreros?

Did anybody say ‘sombreros?’

I don’t know you, but I feel like living la vida loca lived by these nice ladies up here, so don’t judge me if the first thing I do when I go back to New York is rush to 34th Street & Broadway. Who doesn’t want to look that fabulous?


Hat tip: gbujanda 

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4 Responses to Macy’s Spring Collection: You, Too, Can Look like a Short, Dark-Skinned Mariachi

  1. Tracy López says:

    The “Urban Sombrero” episode of Seinfeld seemed so ridiculous and yet here we are.

  2. Samantha says:

    “Tall, unmistakably non-Hispanic blonds” is Avery narrow minded view of what Hispanics “look like”. I’m sick of hearing this. I’m not what most people from the U.S. call typical Mexican, and I find it extremely offensive! Mexicans are as diverse as the population of the U.S. Stop trying to make us all fit into your cookie-cutter image of Mexicans.

  3. Patty says:

    Agree with Samantha, well said. Come on people need to educate themselves.

  4. que foto la de los sombreros rosados.

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