Internet User in L.A. Poses Excellent Question about Mexicans

Jimena Sánchez has come to be known as 'The Mexican Kim Kardashian'
Jimena Sánchez is known as ‘The Mexican Kim Kardashian’

The Internet is an oasis of information, entertainment, endless time-wasting and — more importantly — thought-provoking inquiries.

Take Username_2000, a ‘Daily Mail Online’ reader in Los Angeles, California, who took to that empowering tool known as the “comments box” to ponder a likely burning question upon discovering the existence of Jimena Sánchez, a Mexican sports reporter who has come to be known as The Mexican Kim Kardashian.

Here’s Username_2000’s question as posted in the Daily Mail Online. (I’m leaving this here in case any one of you, loyal followers of this blog, feel like venturing a reply.)

La pregunta del millón
La pregunta del millón

I’m sure he’s still scratching his head. Poor thing.

Hat tip: Óscar Gutiérrez*

*Who else?

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