‘Parents Latina:’ Because Hispanic Millennial Moms are Unlike Regular Latina Moms

ParentsLatinaMeredith Co. has launched Parents Latina, a quarterly English-language magazine targeting “Hispanic Millennial Moms,” a group that apparently requires its own parenting tips –and one that doesn’t care less if the words Parents and Latina don’t really go well together in a sentence.

But I digress.

Meredith Co. already has Ser Padres, a Spanish-language magazine targeting, ahem, Spanish-speaking parents, and Parents magazine, an English-language magazine targeting English-speaking, non-Hispanic parents. But apparently none of these was good enough for needy, self-serving Hispanic Millennial Moms, who just like all other millennials, just have-to-have-their-own-thing.

And what particular advice does Parents Latina offer to Hispanic millennial moms? I have no idea, but I’m guessing it will include some useful tips & advice, including:

  • How to take a selfie without losing your child in the process
  • Instagram your breast-feeding process and wow your friends!
  • 125 Reasons why your bundle of joy is more important than you
  • How to ‘Periscope’ while pushing a stroller through a crowded mall

I don’t know, but once I get my hands on one of these I’ll keep you guys posted.

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