Target Pulls ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Halloween Costume. You Can Still Dress as a ‘Mexican Muchacha’

panderobigAfter a very brief Brouhaha, and other retailers agreed to pull the Illegal Alien costumes they were selling online as part of their Halloween offer.

But don’t despair.

If you are still looking for a Hispanic-themed costume to impress your amigos this upcoming Día de Brujas, you can still get yourself a fake/imaginary/ typical Mexican girl costume from our friends at Halloween Costumes 4 you.

Your Latino friends -particularly those of Mexican origin- will be truly impressed. I guarantee it.

[Attention, shoppers: the tambourine is not included]

3 thoughts on “Target Pulls ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Halloween Costume. You Can Still Dress as a ‘Mexican Muchacha’

  1. us Mexicans area very snappy dressers, aren’t we? i have the exact same dress, but i only wear it on special occassions, like weddings and 15 años… STILL, i think the illegal alien costume was a sure winner… how can i get one???

  2. Check out the link above in possibly related posts.

    Illegal Alien Halloween costume creating quite a stir.

    they have a list of suppliers!

  3. It looks (to me) more like a gypsy outfit rather than a Mexican one, aside from the colors, the fact that she’s holding a tambourine, makes me think more about illegal migration in Europe.

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