Swiss Entrepreneurs Create ‘Magical Machine’ to Make $1 Tortillas

Mariachi hat: Proof their invention is legit

And just when I thought technology couldn’t get any more ridiculous awesome, a group of sombrero-wearing geniuses hailing from Switzerland have invented Flatev, a machine that promises to deliver “fresh, authentic tortillas in seconds.” In seconds, people, SECONDS!

And what’s the magic behind this thing? Pods, people, pods!

Per the startup’s Website, Flatev uses pods to produce ready-to-eat tortillas. One pod per tortilla.

Think of it like a coffee machine that makes flatbread. Instead of ground coffee, our pods are filled with fresh dough with natural and healthy ingredients.

Why be like Rosa when you can make $1 tortillas?
Why be like Rosa when you can make $1 tortillas?

The best part? Each pod produces one tortilla and each pod will cost you “only” $0.90.  (That is after plunking down about $300 for the actual “magical tortilla machine.”)

WATCH the video [below] to learn how to get Rosa out of the kitchen and replace her with a Flatev thing instead.


2 thoughts on “Swiss Entrepreneurs Create ‘Magical Machine’ to Make $1 Tortillas

  1. OMG. This is spectacular! Where to start? Oh, how about the obvious. In Queretaro, which is probably the most expensive non-coastal-resort city in Mexico, 5 pesos, which at the current exchange rate is about 28 cents, will get you, like, a half kilo…..or whatever a half stack is, easily 30 tortillas. Call it a penny a slice. If you want the hand-made ones from the 4’4″ elderly Chichimec ladies sitting cross-legged on every corner, it’s 10 pesos for a baker’s dozen, so let’s say 60 cents for 13, or a bit under 5 cents apiece. Same for maiz azul. Now up here in Denver, where I visit my family often, a 30-pack of corn tortillas at the local King Sooper’s runs slightly north of 2 bucks. So let’s say 7 or 8 cents apiece. 90 cents should get you about 6 or 7 tacos de canasta in Queretaro. Anyway, point one, 90 cents per tortilla is a markup of over 1000 percent even in expensive metropolitan areas of the U.S.

    Point 2: They look like wheat, even if there are ears of corn in the photo. So they’d only work for gringas.

    Point 3: They look, if possible, smaller than a real Mexican tortilla…..which would definitely fail to meet the expectations of a Euro/U.S. market. I mean, you’d need 60 of those to make a Torta Azteca! Which is 54 dollars of layering, before you even get to the relleno.

    Point 4: If you really want to make your own, it is so pathetically simple, a little masa maseca, a little water, a pinch of salt, work it with any additional flour or water until there’s neither powder nor moisture remaining on the sides of the bowl, then either use your tortilla press or the bottom of a skillet and smush out six or eight or twelve, then just pop ’em in a skillet, no oil, no muss, no fuss, four minutes later, Maiz Supreme. Add a pinch of baking powder if you want them to rise slightly for gorditas.

    I mean, I might pay $300 for a machine that would pump them out with that Bermuda tree frog squeak like a tortilleria, just pour masa and water into a funnel and the machine kicks them out. But Keurig-cupping out a tiny wheat tortilla for 90 cents, when there’s no possible way anybody is going to use fewer than 12 or 15 or 20 tortillas for whatever it is they have planned? This is a technological solution in desperate search of a problem.

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