Advertising Agency Declares War on ‘The Hispanic Silo;’ Hires Two Hispanics Instead

‘The Hispanic’ at Anomaly, looking kind of ‘solo…’ for now

A few days ago, New York-based advertising shop Anomaly made some Internet headlines by declaring war on “The Last Silo of the marketing communications landscape: The Hispanic Silo.”

Per Anomaly’s own manifesto:

Silos by their nature are bad. They stifle potential. They stand there all tall and rigid. They breed homogeneity […] As we look to the future we cannot help but be inspired by the changed dynamics of America today. We are a more pluralistic, more progressive, more cultured nation.

And all of this, my friends, was just a very elegant way of announcing the hiring of its first Hispanic creative talent, namely Dieste’s Giovanni Villamar (See photo of the silo above) and D’Expósito’s Mauricio Galvan) who — at least for the moment — look kind of an anomaly in mostly white, non-Hispanic-but-total-market advertising and marketing landscape.

Anyhow, this blogger wishes these two Hispanic non-silos at Anomaly all the best in their non-Hispanic, total market endeavors.*

*Oh, and make sure to have your non-Hispanic, non-Silo colleagues at Anomaly follow this blogger religiously. I promise tons of piñatas, sombreros and tacos.

7 thoughts on “Advertising Agency Declares War on ‘The Hispanic Silo;’ Hires Two Hispanics Instead

  1. ¡Gracias por los buenos deseos y las buenas vibras Laura! Just to be clear, the effort goes well beyond just hiring us. Trust me. Saludos y a ver cuándo probamos unos tacos que me acaban de recomendar en Long Island City.

  2. I think you are wrong on this one, Laura. Hispanic marketing has been a real ghetto for many Hispanic practicioners. Total Market is not the enemy, it is a great way for up-until-now-latino-agencies to break out of the ghetto and do more profitable general market work. What Anomaly did –if albeit very chest thumping– is what all agencies should be doing.

  3. Ug. I hate seeing General Market agencies announce a new “Hispanic” division. Know why? Because 10 times out of 10 it means really great Hispanic ad people will get the “great privilege” of translating existing General Market spots into Spanish, then watching as creatives/directors/producers/graphic designers/vendors/you name it get hired to execute the campaign. Except those people will always be white, and all the actual Latinos they USED to hire, when they were at a Hispanic agency, get shut out. If it was a ghetto before, it turns into a ghost town after “Total Market.”

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