Pillsbury Wants you to Believe this ‘thing’ is a Taco. It’s not

From the 'What the hell is this?' archives
From the ‘What the hell is this?’ archives

As if Taco Bell’s efforts to sell you “make-believe” Mexican food weren’t enough, Pillsbury is now peddling the Chicken Taco Grande Ring, yet another American-made concoction that will make sure your children will grow up with a twisted idea of what my people (i.e. The Mexicans) really eat.

According to my sources (i.e. my Brooklyn Special Taco Correspondent) there’s even a TV commercial of this thing airing on prime time, declaring “it’s time for the taco to come out of its shell.”

Well, I have news for you, Pillsbury: It’s not time for anything. This “thing” is not even a taco, so Stop. This. Now.

Hat tip: Brooklyn taco correspondent JPFalcone

One thought on “Pillsbury Wants you to Believe this ‘thing’ is a Taco. It’s not

  1. Well……let me step to its modest defense by saying it actually looks kinda yummy, in a Wisconsin Norman Rockwell November Sunday dinner sort of way. Whereas even in their glossiest ads, Taco Bell’s stuff looks like the shit it is. Meat-paste on cardboard.

    And I’m a gourmet chef, so I’m pretty snobby, but those Pillsbury Grands actually come in useful from time to time…..you can paste them together to make some fun and tasty little creation, and they go quite well with many Italian options…..they’re very conducive to marinara sauce.

    Well, there, I’ve said it. I’d eat that thing. I wouldn’t eat a chalupadillita.

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