Have fun. Have sex. Beware of HIV — and faulty marketing in Spanish


It’s always great to see New York City spend money in communicating useful stuff to Spanish-speaking New Yorkers (there are tons of us, you know?) but it should be well advised to work a little more on their Spanish-language marketing copy.

Take the print ad above (seen at a my local bar in West Harlem) talking about the all too important PrEP, a daily pill also known as Truvada, that helps high-risk individuals lower their chances of getting infected with the HIV virus. While the overall message is kind of understood (I hope) the NYC Health Department might want to work on its Esté VIH E ITS Seguro copy, which last time I checked meant absolutely nothing.

That said, stay safe neoyorquinos: Have fun BUT, more importantly, remember to protect yourselves from HIV and bad Spanish.

Photo: Laura Martínez, Harlem

2 thoughts on “Have fun. Have sex. Beware of HIV — and faulty marketing in Spanish

  1. This is what is generally known as “mental masturbation” and it usually begins when one creative –with absolutely no contact with his/her intended audience– tells the client (who has even less contact with his/her intended audience) “oh, don’t worry, everyone will get the play on words of “este bien protegida”. Which, of course, is bogus.

  2. the English ad says
    Be HIV and STI sure.
    it doesn’t mean anything either.
    I think the copy should say
    “y ETS” instead of “e ITS”.

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