And Now… Hispanic Cheese!


You gotta love marketers, always so concerned with giving us -Latinos- a taste of our home countries.

This time the good deed comes courtesy of Nash Finch Co., the Minnepolis $4.6 billion-annual-sales wholesaler that is taking its Avanza Supermarkets to the growing Hispanic population of Omaha. According to a story this week in Progressive Grocer magazine, “The remodeled store will include more than 400 produce items […] a bakery featuring selections of Latino pastries and rolls; and Hispanic cheeses.”

So, while someone comes forward to inform me what Hispanic cheeses are all about, I’m off to make myself a quesadilla with a good, old queso de Oaxaca.

Smile, say cheese and have a great Hispanic Weekend!

8 thoughts on “And Now… Hispanic Cheese!

  1. jajaja Hispanic Cheeses! I think it’s the stuff Speedy Gonzales used to eat….wait a minute…light bulb just went off!!! I think Speedy should be the official sponsor!

    Compra Hispanic Cheeses! Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!

  2. OMG i absolutly love cheese and i am so happy that people like you make websites about this special treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Omg omg omg! I totally agree with Sarah. Cheese is amazing. You guys should totally try cheese with chocolate melted on it. Delicious. It’s amazing.
    Cheese lovers of the world unite!!

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