Crowdfunded Nuni Toaster Wants you to Believe Tortillas Need to be Toasted [They Don’t]

The World's First Tortilla Toaster...
Behold, the world’s first tortilla toaster

If you thought Flatev was a stupid tortilla-related, crowdfunded project, wait until you see Nuni, a “revolutionary” Indiegogo project that promises to give us “the world’s first tortilla toaster,” which is basically a toaster-looking-gadget to, ahem, “toast” tortillas.

I hate to rain on Nuni Toaster’s parade, but last time I checked tortillas needed not be toasted, because, you know? that doesn’t make ANY sense!

Seriously, guys, I appreciate the enthusiasm — especially the VIVA LA TORTILLA tagline — but do me a big favor and go toast something else?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hat tip: Tortilla Tech Brooklyn Correspondent

3 thoughts on “Crowdfunded Nuni Toaster Wants you to Believe Tortillas Need to be Toasted [They Don’t]

  1. Im looking forward to this tostada maker, I can’t wait to get one because I make mine in the oven and when Im in a hurry, in the microwave, I prefer something faster than the oven, and healthier than the microwave, there is a brand of oilless tostadas in my mexican store, but are expensive, we eat ceviche tostadas, chicken tostadas, picadillo tostadas, and other mexican plates, but I do not want the extra oil, so I will keep waiting for my tostada maker. thank you.

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