A Taste of Mexico for Less than £2


Aren’t the British something?

Not content with giving us the Hey Ho to Mexico gluten-free tortillas, the Brits are now peddling Mexicana Slices… slices of cheddar with spicy bell and jalapeño chilli peppers. For a mere £11.50 per kilogram, these babies promise the Original HOTNESS of the HOT taste of Mexico. But how hot is “hot” exactly?

Per UK-based Mexicana cheese:

Mexicana brings together traditional British farmhouse cheddar cheese, with the colour, vivacity and mouth-watering flavours of Mexican cooking. Not for the faint hearted, Mexicana has an abundance of bell peppers and hot chilli spices. Dare you… it bites back!

Do I dare?… Mexicana Cheese wants to know.

Mmmmm Nope.

Hat tip: London Spicy Correspondent: Kent German 

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